03.10.2009 - Article - Pinball News

03.06.2009 - PRESS RELEASE
The Big Guys Pinball team is pleased to announce that a licensing agreement for Nucore has been finalized. WMS Gaming Inc. approved a licensing agreement between Big Guys Pinball, Illinois Pinball Corporation and The Pinball Factory. This agreement will allow Big Guys Pinball to market and sell Nucore worldwide. Nucore will be exclusively distributed by Pinball Life of Huntley, Illinois. Big Guys Pinball will be releasing Nucore pricing and component details in early March. Visit http://www.bigguyspinball.com/community for more details.

06.02.2008 - PinGame Journal - Issue #126 July 2008

05.28.2008 - Article - Pinball News

03.16.2008 - PRESS RELEASE
Big Guy Pinball LLC is proud to announce its flagship product: 
NUCORE - New Updatable Complete Original Replacement Environment 

NUCORE is a replacement control system for the pinball 2000 TM* platform. The NUCORE system supports all original games and integrates seamlessly to the existing pinball 2000 environment. NUCORE is not just a replacement control system, it will also bring a wealth of new features to the pinball 2000 platform. These features will include superior video rendering, simplified playfield swapping, jukebox mode, custom sounds, and the ability to create new game modes using a full featured API**. 

The NUCORE platform will be demonstrated in April during Pinball at the Zoo in Kalamazoo, MI. Big Guys Pinball will also be hosting a seminar at the 2008 Pinball Expo demonstrating the features of the NUCORE system and discussing the development of the system. 

The NUCORE system should be available for purchase in late 2008/early 2009. The price of the system is yet to be determined. For more information please join our community at: 


*Pinball 2000 is a trademark of Williams Electronics Games Inc. 
** All features may not be available at launch. 
*** Big Guys Pinball and NUCORE are not affiliated with Williams Electronics Games Inc.